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Flower centerpieces

Whether you are growing them yourself or purchasing them from a florist, flowers can liven up almost any occasion. There are a wide variety of flower options available, however. If you don’t grow them yourself, or you aren’t accustomed to walking into a flower shop and choosing a bouquet right away, you might not be sure where to get started, or which flowers are best for distinctive occasions. Gaflowergrowers.com aims to help you through this process by supplying accurate, reliable information without trying to sell you anything in particular.

The term used to describe the professional flower trade is floristry. This term encompasses everything from flower care and handling to flower arranging, merchandising, display and delivery. Typically, flowers are sold wholesale by florists to retail professionals in the trade. These retail florists then offer the flowers and other flower-related services to their customers.

To this end, there are many floral shops available throughout the country. Additionally, a recent development in floristry has emphasized the ability to purchase flowers online. This makes it easier to choose flower arrangements and have them delivered—which can be particularly handy if you don’t know much about flowers or you are pressed for time. Supermarkets and garden supply stores also typically sell flowers.

Floral design refers to the art of creating flower arrangements, whether that is as part of a centerpiece, or an arrangement in a bowl, basket, vase or other container. Floral design also encompasses traditional flower bouquets. Sometimes floral design is used interchangeably with the more general term “floristry.” However, typically this latter term refers to the retail aspect of flowers, whereas floral design refers to the art by which they are arranged. For a more general term, horticulture is the term used to more broadly describe the cultivation of flowers and plants.

Often, flowers are organized and designed according to season, holiday, or occasion. Flowers take on different significations in different cultures. For example, poppies are commonly used to commemorate fallen soldiers in the U.K., a custom that does not necessarily spread beyond that region. As another example, in popular American culture the red rose is often a signifier for love, but others might find that symbol either indecent or simply opaque.  

Cultural miscommunication is also possible with white flowers. In Asian cultures, white frequently represents death, whereas in European and American cultures it tends to be a symbol for purity. These cultural differences are something of which a good floral designer will be acutely aware.

Of course, there are many occasions on which flowers might make an appropriate gift. It is a time tested method for spouses to bring flowers with them as they seek forgiveness. Antithetical as the events might seem, flowers are appropriate for both weddings and funerals. Of course, you will want to specify the kind of bouquet that you want when you make your purchase. Flowers will often be chosen by the wedding planner, and in this case will follow a general theme. Funeral flowers, on the other hand, are meant to provide a personal touch and are a show of respect for the departed.

Flowers play a vital and diverse role in our culture. They are used to celebrate love as well as to commemorate death and symbolize grief. In this vast array of possibilities, there are multitudes of floral designs available. The design that is best for you will depend on your distinct situation and sensibilities. In any case, gaflowergrowers.com aims to help you through the process by providing useful information. Thank you for visiting the site, and please check back often as the information is regularly updated.




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