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Flower Centerpieces FAQs

What is deadheading and should I do it to my flowers?

Deadheading is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: the clipping of dead or wilting flower heads from the main plant. The benefits of this are that it allows and encourages the growth of new flowers. So yes, in most cases, deadheading is a smart tactic. Just remember to place the deadheads on your compost pile. Leaving them on the ground can attract insects or plant diseases.

What is the difference between perennials and annuals?

Perennials return year after year, at least for a few years after planting. On the other hand, annuals typically last for only one growing season. If you are just starting a garden, it’s not a bad idea to mix perennials and annuals to ensure that you will continually have something in bloom.

I want a specific kind of flower for an event, but it is out of season. How hard will it be to obtain?

Obtaining out-of-season flowers has become easier and more affordable thanks to greenhouse technology. There are greenhouses nationwide that are growing all kinds of flowers year-round, so you aren’t as limited by season. This allows you to compose your dream wedding bouquet consisting of your favorite flowers, even if some of them are out of season. Of course, going this route can be a little more expensive, and some also claim that using seasonal flowers will provide your event with a more organic feel.


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